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Life Coaching

What does a life coach actually do? The short answer is - it depends on the goals of the client. The long answer is that a life coach is a guide, an instructor, a mentor - someone that champions the other. The crux of our work together will become more clear as you, the client, help define which area of your life you would like to improve. Is your performance at work lagging? Are you dissatisfied with your career? Perhaps you are having difficulty setting boundaries in your personal life? There are many areas to explore as you work towards making changes to significant areas of your life. 

A common frustration for those seeking guidance, whether it's through a doctor, therapist, coach, designer, contractor, etc., is finding the right fit. It is important to understand that the kind of service your seeking is going to have some balance of relationship and transaction. Transactional agreements are often times easier to measure - your car needs an oil change, so you pay someone to do the job. Your car has clean oil and the business has $75. In coaching, the transaction can be harder to define. 

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